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Apple reportedly ordered folding screens from LG for future foldable iPhone

According to information from DigiTimes, Apple has ordered folding Oled screens from LG for a future iPhone equipped with a folding screen.

iPhone 12 Pro

iPhone 12 Pro // Gamesdone: Arnaud Gelineau, Frandroid

In the small ecosystem of smartphones with folding screens, only a handful of manufacturers have so far succeeded in doing so. We obviously think of Samsung with its Galaxy Fold, Z Flip and Z Fold 2, but also of Huawei or Motorola. However, Apple would not be left out.

The American manufacturer has been looking for some time to develop its own folding screen iPhone. This Tuesday, it was the Taiwanese site DigiTimes which brought some news from the front. According to the site, which is generally well informed on news from suppliers, Apple would indeed work closely with LG so that the Korean manufacturer provides it with folding tiles. “According to industry sources, Apple recently asked LG Display to develop a folding screen, paving the way for the launch of a new high-end smartphone.”, says DigitTimes.

A partnership already established between LG and Apple on the Oled

It must be said that LG is one of the main suppliers of Oled screens in the world, not only for televisions, but also for smartphones. Samsung and LG thus share the market for iPhone 12 screens. Although Samsung is the main supplier of screens of this type to Apple, LG remains a privileged partner of the American manufacturer in the field of displays.

Above all, this information further supports the track of an iPhone with a folding screen. In March 2018, we already learned that Apple wanted to develop its own folding smartphone within two years. Recently, it seems that the firm’s plans have accelerated. At the beginning of January, the Taiwanese newspaper Economic Daily News indicated that Apple had two prototypes in the boxes while, in mid-January, it was the Bloomberg agency which affirmed that the manufacturer had already tested several prototypes of iPhone with a folding screen. .

With information from DigiTimes, it looks like the foldable iPhone project is coming to fruition. However, there is no indication yet that Apple and LG have entered a phase of mass production for future devices, since it is still just orders and discussions. In addition, it is not yet clear whether the folding screen iPhone will be integrated into the next generation of Apple smartphones, expected for next fall, or whether it will take another year before the smartphone is officially presented.

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