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Apple recruits a former BMW spawner specializing in electric cars

Recruitment is very fresh, it dates only a few weeks. Bloomberg tells us that Ulrich Kranz, a former senior BMW executive and former CEO of US electric vehicle maker Canoo, now works at Apple.

Source: Unsplash / Laurenz Heymann

Gamesdone: Unsplash / Laurenz Heymann

His help will certainly be invaluable in boosting the Apple Car project. We learn today that Apple has recruited in the shadows Ulrich Kranz. A former BMW spawner (30 years at the company) who worked on the development of the i3 and i8 electric models, he co-founded the American electric vehicle manufacturer Canoo in 2017 and still held the position of CEO. Here it is now at Apple, for a few weeks notes Bloomberg, which specifies that the interested party will have to refer to Doug Field, former executive of Tesla, now responsible for the Apple Car project in the organization chart of the giant of Cupertino according to the sources of the media new- Yorker.

As Bloomberg reminds us, this recruitment is part of the growing list of profiles who have joined Apple in recent years. The firm has notably hired several Tesla executives since the start of its vehicle project in 2014. The latter now occupy key positions in the sectors of transmission engineering, autonomous driving software, or even in the design of the vehicle. interior and bodywork.

Three departures in recent months in the Apple Car division

Still, Apple has lost in recent months three executives attached to its auto division and specialized respectively in engineering, security systems and robotics. The recruitment of Ulrich Kranz comes after these departures.

He was also recruited a few months after Canoo’s listing on the stock market. The company must in particular market next year an electric minivan expected to less than 35,000 dollars. According to some rumors, Canoo has also been in discussions with Apple for a possible takeover.

The hiring by Apple of a former BMW is anything but surprising when we know the affinities between the two groups, which have been collaborating since 2004 on infotainment systems. Recently Apple and BMW were also partners to turn the iPhone into a key to unlock certain vehicles of the German automaker.

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