Tuesday, April 13

Apple ProRAW photo mode is finally available

Apple is rolling out the iOS 14.3 update this week. The opportunity to finally see the arrival of its new ProRAW format on iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max for photo enthusiasts.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max with its three photo sensors and its LiDAR sensor

The iPhone 12 Pro Max with its three photo sensors and its LiDAR sensor // Gamesdone: Frandroid / Arnaud GELINEAU

This was one of the strengths put forward by Apple for its iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max: the ProRAW format, promised to delight photographers. After a little wait, they will finally be able to try it out with the deployment of the iOS 14.3 update, which also adds iPhone 12 compatibility to 5G in France and App Clips to test an application without completely downloading it. .

If it was possible to take photos in very high quality with an iPhone, in the HEIF format described as “High efficiency” by Apple, there was not really the traditional “raw” format. Both JPG and HEIF are already processed when the snapshot is taken, which allows for a more compressed file than a RAW image, but also less heavy.

A “raw” format to be treated in its own way

For professional photographers and photo enthusiasts too, RAW is the format of digital SLR cameras in particular. It allows to obtain a file certainly large in size, but including a great deal of information and above all unprocessed, with total freedom of retouching and editing subsequently to retouch the white balance, the colors, the exhibition, etc.

With its Apple ProRAW format, the Californian firm wants to go and flirt with these professionals. But Apple warned that it wouldn’t be a “pure RAW” format. Its ProRAW is a kind of hybrid format with maximum editing freedom. Regulars of RAW will be able to find their automatisms in the processing of the cliché. Novices will eventually be able to try it out without being lost.

From RAW to Apple’s simplified sauce

Because the ProRAW option appears in the top right corner and you can activate it or not, just like Live Photos or flash. No risk of seeing multiple setting proposals blooming in all directions, ProRAW mode is not a Pro photo mode, just an output format.

Apple ProRAW only works for classic photo mode, from ultra-wide angle to zoom and even for the front camera. You will then obtain a fairly large file (around 20-25 MB).

This format is based on image processing multiframe and Apple’s famous computational photography introduced since the iPhone 11 Pro to apply it to the force of the RAW format. If Apple reserved the first for the format, whose photos can be edited from the Camera app with multiple editing tools, other third-party apps will also be able to benefit from it very soon.

With iOS 14.3, it is therefore possible to capture photos in ProRAW format on the iPhone 12 Pro range after activating the option in the camera settings. To do this, go to Settings / Camera / Formats / Photo capture.

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