Tuesday, October 27

Apple patents a new iPhone with a folding screen that repairs itself

Apple has patented a curious technology that would allow a hypothetical new iPhone to self-repair scratches on the screen. There is no doubt that the future is folding phones, devices that are currently only available to those users who can pay large amounts of money, so that in the future they could have a much more affordable price. One of the negative aspects of current folding phones is the durability of their screen, which seems to be the main concern of their manufacturers right now and that causes these exclusive and expensive phones to not get along very well with the day to day. Apple wants to get ahead of everyone and has patented a curious invention in the form of a self-repairing screen cover for a hypothetical new iPhone, which would allow the device to repair itself automatically when it has received minor bumps or scratches. As can be read in the patent, it is stated that the screen of the device would be repaired without the user intervention at any time. It seems that this automatic repair would activate as soon as the device is charging at a predetermined time, and would use heat, light or electrical current to create a protective layer on the screen. It is commented in the patent that the iPhone screen cover would include a layer of elastomers that could recover their shape to keep the internal workings of the device protected. In fact, it is not a science fiction technology, since LG already dared to launch the LG G Flex device in 2013, which had a “self-healing” back cover and was supposed to repair minor scratches, although it was later has been showing that it was not such an effective technology. There is no indication that Apple will finally launch this concept, at least for the next few years, but perhaps the cell phones of the future may have some kind of self-healing technology for their delicate displays.

[Vía: Theverge]computerhoy.com

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