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Apple makes its iPhone 12 even harder to repair by third parties

Once is not custom, Apple brakes four irons to restrict repairs made by third parties on its devices. According to a discovery of the iFixit site, the replacement of the cameras of the iPhone 12 would pose significant software problems … if it is carried out outside authorized Apple centers.

Replacing the iPhone 12's photo modules yourself is possible, but could cause some problems ...

Replacing the iPhone 12’s photo modules yourself is possible, but could pose some problems… // Gamesdone: Frandroid / Arnaud Gelineau

IPhone 12 doesn’t like plugins. This is what iFixit reveals in a video revealing the problems caused by a replacement of the wide-angle module of the iPhone 12. On the menu: no hardware problems, but rather a software blockage which makes the sensor replaced to a large extent inoperative outside circuit approved by Apple. This discovery is all the more regrettable as the new iPhone is otherwise well enough designed to be dismantled in good conditions for repair.

iFixit itself has moreover awarded a score of 6/10 in repairability index to the device. A note, quite rare on smartphones, due to the ease of replacing the OLED screen and the battery, but also to the modular design adopted by Apple for many components.

A replacement problem that did not affect older iPhones

As pointed out The Verge, this is the first time that the replacement of a photo sensor poses this type of problem. The old iPhones allowed the replacement of photo modules without any particular difficulty. More surprisingly, the iPhone 12 Pro does not seem concerned either by the concerns reported by iFixit on the iPhone 12. It is therefore possible that the thing remains an isolated bug, but iFixit seems to favor the track of a software blocking of from Apple.

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The specialized site notably supports its position with new internal training guides from Apple, on which it would have managed to get its hands. The brand would explain in particular that it is now necessary to go through its “System Configuration” application to endorse the software replacement of the screen or one of the cameras of the iPhone 12.

An app that had previously been used for battery changes, notes The Verge. For defensible security reasons, Apple also similarly blocks the change of Face ID / Touch ID sensors, thus reserving only its authorized centers the task of carrying out this type of repair.

Apple ensures to bet (also) on small repairers … but which are part of its program

Contacted by The Verge, Apple has cracked a statement for the time being rather elusive, betting once again especially on repairers who have previously shown white paw.

« We are committed to providing our customers with more safe and reliable repair options and locations. Our new Independent Repair Provider Program is designed to give repair businesses of all sizes access to genuine parts, training and tools needed to perform the most common iPhone repairs. These service providers have access to the same repair tools and manuals that are used by Apple and authorized service providers. », lit-on.

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