Thursday, October 29

Apple is changing its emoji with a mask: now it will smile

Apple’s mask emoji is changing after the release of iOS 14 and now everything indicates that it will smile despite wearing it. It seems like a lot of things are changing in America in recent weeks. The elections are near, Donald Trump has fallen ill, and the coronavirus pandemic is being more understood (and accepted) than ever. At Apple they also want to help with the situation, albeit in a symbolic way, and have modified the design of their emoji with a mask. Wearing a mask is not indicative of illness or sadness, Apple seems to mean with the new design of its emoji. As we well know in our country, we can be with one and have fun, smile, joke with friends and have an almost normal life. That is why the emoji in question has gone from being downcast to smiling. In the Emojipedia they have shown what the previous emoji was like and how it is now so that we can compare it. The most obvious changes are seen in his expression. Apple’s mask-wearing emoji now smiles in iOS 14.2 – Emojipedia (@Emojipedia) October 2, 2020 As it has been verified, they have taken the emoji that smiles and put a mask on top with the idea of ​​transmitting greater optimism and naturalness; In short, change the perception that one has about the act of wearing it. Apple has launched a new iPad Air 4 (2020) in which it approaches the aesthetic aspect of the iPad Pro and incorporates some improvements. Is it enough to be worth it? We must not forget that the act of protecting oneself with one has been the subject of much debate in the United States until its president has fallen ill and a change like this also has a political focus. The one on WhatsApp does not smile or is sad, his eyes are two expressionless points, but the fact that Apple’s was depressed could be seen as something controversial, an aspect that has been resolved. At the moment, this change has only reached iOS 14 beta 2, according to Gizmodo, but it is most likely that it will soon also make it to other Apple systems. Hopefully it will have some impact among users and encourage the use of the mask to safeguard the health of all.

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