Tuesday, January 19

Apple Introduces First-Ever Wireless Headphones

Apple has just formalized the AirPods Max, its first active noise reduction headphones. The device recharges in a dedicated box and promises up to 20 hours of battery life.

Apple AirPods Max

The AirPods Max headphones // Gamesdone: Apple

It has been a long time since persistent rumors and some clues strongly suggested that Apple was working on a Bluetooth headset. But after having organized multiple conferences dedicated to other categories of products, this subject seemed to be gradually being forgotten. It was without counting on the AirPods Max which has just been formalized.

Indeed, it is rather discreetly – via a press release – that Apple introduced this new product in its catalog. The AirPods Max prides itself on delivering hi-fi (high fidelity) sound, active noise reduction and adaptive equalization.

Lots of microphones and a rotating ring

To do this, the AirPods Max has a total of nine microphones: six only for active noise reduction, one only for voice detection and two others which are used to do both. There’s also an Apple H1 chip in each headset ear cup.

Exploded view Apple AirPods Max

Exploded view of the AirPods Max // Gamesdone: Apple

As for the design, Apple opts for a format that includes the ears for even more effective insulation. For AirPods Max dimensions, count: 168.6 x 187.3 x 83.4mm. On the scale, the product displays almost 385 grams.

The headset also features a button to switch from noise reduction mode to transparency mode. But it is especially the rotating ring that we notice. This “Digital Crown” allows you to perform several actions: adjust the volume, play / pause a song, take a call, go to the next song, go back and activate Siri. Just turn it or press it.

To be recharged via a Smart Case

For autonomy, Apple announces 20 hours of listening with active noise reduction engaged. According to the brand, 5 minutes of recharging allows the AirPods Max to last about 1.5 hours. Besides, how do you charge the headphones? Via the Smart Case delivered with the helmet.

Smart Case Apple AirPods Max

La Smart Case de l’AirPods Max // Gamesdone : Apple

This Smart Case comes in the form of a small bag and has a Lightning port. By plugging in this storage case and storing the headphones in, you charge the AirPods Max.

No jack is in sight on the Airpods Max, but the headband can be replaced. Like Apple’s true wireless headphones, the headset promises easy pairing with the smartphone, with just a click.

Apparaige Apple AirPods Max

Pairing between an iPhone and the AirPods Max // Gamesdone: Apple

Price and availability of AirPods Max in France

The Apple France site displays the AirPods Max for 629 euros and offers free personalization to burn emojis, text or numbers on your copy. Deliveries begin Tuesday, December 15 in several countries.

A Lightning to USB-C cable is supplied with the headset and the Smart Case. Five colors are available: gray, silver, green, sky blue and pink.

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