Wednesday, December 1

Apple Health will allow you to share your data with your loved ones


Apple has announced several new features for its Health application on iOS 15. Among the new features, the firm will allow users to share their health data with their loved ones.

During its WWDC 2021 opening conference, Apple unveiled some new features for its Apple Health app. In addition to new posture tips to avoid falling, the application also allows you to share your health data with loved ones.

Thanks to Apple Health’s Health Sharing function, it will now be possible to share some of your health data with loved ones. Thus, you can choose to share your data with your grandparents and vice versa. A good way not only to become more competitive with your friends, but above all to monitor the health of your elders.

Health sharing will allow users to choose what data is shared. We can thus give access to all his health data, but also filter the information. Useful, for example, if you only want to give access to the number of steps taken per day and not to your blood pressure, your heart rate or your weight.

Tips for better posture

In addition to sharing health data, Apple Health will also provide you with posture advice. Concretely, by analyzing the rhythm of your steps or the length of them, Apple is already able to analyze the risk of falling. Now Apple will also use this data to improve your posture. These tips will be provided in the Health application and are mainly aimed at preventing falls. To go further, the application on iOS 15 will also be able to send notifications if it has analyzed that your walking posture was not good. Finally, video exercises will be offered to improve your health.

Finally, Apple also announced some news concerning the medical data received. In the event of laboratory analyzes received, you will be able to have easier access to what this or that data corresponds to. The other added novelty this time concerns the trends. It will be possible to see the trends of recent days more easily. Useful, for example, to discover that you have a tendency to walk more in recent weeks.

These new features will be added to Apple’s health application with iOS 15. The developer version of the system should be available after the conference. It will be available in public version this summer, probably on the occasion of the launch of the iPhone 13.


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