Monday, January 25

Apple fined 10 million euros for deception on sealing

The Italian competition regulator on Monday imposed a fine of 10 million euros for false allegations about the water resistance of iPhone.

It is a decision that will undoubtedly make waves. This Monday, Apple was condemned by the Italian competition regulator for false statements about the waterproofness of its iPhones, the site noted Business Insider.

For the Italian Competition Authority (AGCM), the Californian firm has deceived its consumers by evoking water resistance from the iPhone 7 of 1 to 4 m for a maximum of 30 minutes (depending on the model).

Guarantee conditions far from acceptable

And according to the AGCM, this would only concern controlled laboratory conditions, with pure, still water. A situation far removed from real world scenarios when a user drops their iPhone in water.

But this is not the only point that the Italian authority has pointed out. For her, Apple has also misled the public about its warranty conditions. These are canceled if the smartphone is damaged by liquid. However, the Italian regulator argued that the apple brand had been unable to repair some iPhone damaged simply by water.

Information present in the support pages, not in the communication

Apple did not wish to react to the decision of the AGCM. The support page of his site regarding the questions on “splash, water and dust resistance of iPhone 7 and later” was updated at the end of October with the arrival of the new iPhones.

We have searched for the initial page since the iPhone 7 launched using the Wayback Machine tool. It is clearly indicated that the devices are “tested under controlled laboratory conditionss ”. The information concerning the warranty conditions is, on the other hand, a little more vague in these circumstances and Apple simply specifies that “it is possible that the consumer protection law gives you certain rights. “

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