Tuesday, May 18

Apple finally unveils its AirTags to find all your items

During its spring keynote, Apple finally presented its AirTags, Bluetooth beacons to easily find any object with the help of its iPhone and the Locate app.

Apple's AirTag is coming soon

Apple’s AirTag tag is coming soon // Gamesdone: Apple

End of the mystery. AirTags are a reality. Apple will have waited for its spring keynote to present its Bluetooth beacon. Equipped with the U1 chip for better detection, it will detect any object to which it is attached or slipped inside.

This is a round stainless steel sensor that connects via Bluetooth LE and has the U1 (Ultrawide Band) chip that is already found in the iPhone 12 and in the Apple Watch Series 6. It is embedded also the NFC and a speaker to emit the sound of the search alert.

The beacon is IP67 certified to withstand immersion and dust, especially in the event of a fall in water.

Localization accuracy enhanced by the U1 chip

The AirTag works with the Find iPhone app and allows you to precisely locate your device with the Precision Finding. On your smartphone, the direction to find your AirTag and the distance will appear live, based on the gyroscope and accelerometer integrated into the beacon.

Apple promises one year of replaceable battery life and easy setup. Siri is obviously in the game.

It will be possible to personalize your AirTag with an emoji and to associate a quantity of accessories to it to attach it to all the products you want.

And Apple hasn’t forgotten the privacy key. AirTags are listed in the list of objects in Find My, but you can choose not to receive a tracking alert or not to allow location sharing with your friends or relatives.

AirTags prices and availability

The beacons will be available for pre-orders this Friday and on sale on April 30 at a price of $ 29 excl.tax per unit or $ 99 per pack of 4.

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