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Apple enables Family Sharing for in-app subscriptions and purchases

If you’ve recently signed up for a subscription or made an in-app purchase on iOS or macOS, you may soon be able to share it with your family for free.

Subscription sharing

Apple announces that application developers are now able to register in-app purchases within the family sharing device.

A richer family sharing

For several years now, Apple has been offering a program to share the same mobile application purchased from the App Store with members of his family. To do this, it is necessary to activate family sharing by adding, in the settings of the App Store, up to 5 Apple IDs.

Until now, family sharing was only possible for purchasing apps or games. Now, the process is extended to in-app purchases as well as subscriptions. This means that if a family member wants to remove ads from an app, go for the premium version of the app, or unlock new paid features, other family members will also benefit without having to pay.

The developer wishing to activate this option will have to go to the control panel of the App Store Connect. But why would he choose this option?

At first glance, by enabling sharing for their subscriptions, the developer is rather the loser. Since Apple allows up to 6 members in its program, in theory, the publisher can therefore lose a lot of new subscribers.

A long-term vision

By presenting this novelty to developers, however, Apple offers a long-term vision. The society Explain so :

“Family sharing offers a simplified and convenient user experience, helps attract subscribers, encourages the development of paid subscriptions, increases the engagement rate and improves customer retention”

For Apple, allowing family sharing is therefore a winning strategy for the developer. If a subscription is billed at € 10 / month, it actually becomes more tempting to activate it knowing that three or four people in your family will also be able to benefit from it.

Apple already uses Family Sharing for its own subscriptions. This is for example the case of Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple News + and Apple Arcade, as well as an iCloud storage plan.

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On the user side

Still, Apple does not intend to automatically unlock family sharing of subscriptions and in-app purchases overnight.

A user who has previously made one of these purchases will have to manually go to the App Store, in the section allowing to manage his subscriptions and then choose to register him in family sharing.

On the other hand, for new subscribers, sharing will be automatic if a family group has been determined, and of course, if the publisher has authorized this manipulation.

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