Monday, October 19

Apple could announce two new wireless chargers under the MagSafe brand alongside future iPhone 12s

The date is approaching when we will officially know Apple’s iPhone 12 mobile group. In that presentation, according to new rumors, there will be news regarding the loading possibilities. A new rumor has drawn attention to Apple’s presentation on October 13. It is expected to meet the new iPhone 12 that would be four and whose specifications have been recently leaked. But, in addition, there would be a surprise in the form of new chargers. On the Chinese social network Weibo, a profile known for its leaks has shared the details of the presentation among those who talk about these chargers. Apple would have rescued the MagSafe brand that we saw in 2006 with a new design. The leak indicates that the company has prepared for this new event a new magnetic case for iPhones with “MagSafe” and two official Apple wireless chargers called “MagSafe Charger” and “MagSafe Duo Charger”, which could have 15W. One day after the iPhone 12 is presented, there are many details that are confirmed and still many questions to answer, here you have all the information. Some Apple consumers will remember the MagSafe brand. In 2006 Apple introduced a charger that was attached to the laptop, the first MacBook Pro, thanks to a system of magnets. This mechanism allowed that if a person pulled the cable or tripped over it, it would separate from the computer and prevent the device from flying off after the cable. Currently, Apple no longer uses this system that we can find in other brands whose cables offer this safer technology. With the arrival of the iPhone 12, Apple seems to have taken the brand back and will introduce a series of wireless chargers and a new magnetic case. Other rumors suggest that the new Apple phones would not include headphones or chargers in the box. It could be a strategy of the company to encourage the purchase of its AirPods and its new wireless chargers leaving behind the dependence on ports in mobile phones. These new MagSafe chargers could also be the successors of the multi-device wireless charging dock that has been talked about so much but that we have never seen. Apple canceled the AirPower project and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get it back. There are only a few days left for all these doubts to be cleared up on October 13.

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