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Apple continues to crush the audio, smartwatches and bracelets market

The year 2020 has been auspicious for Apple, which reigns supreme in the audio market with its various AirPods ranges. Faced with multiple brands of activity trackers, the Apple Watch also ended the year strong by offering a more affordable version.

Audio has never been doing so well as in 2020. This is evident from the figures unveiled by Canalys on sales in the fourth quarter of 2020 on the world market. A segment of audio devices that has largely withstood the pandemic to reach new heights. Summits on which reign supreme Apple, which unveiled last year in particular its AirPods Max headset.

According to figures unveiled by Canalys, the apple brand would have sold no less than 37.9 million products during the 4th quarter of 2020 for a total of more than 108.9 million devices over the year. This obviously includes AirPods, AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, as well as headphones and earphones from the Beats brand.

Deliveries of connected audio devices in Q4 2020

Deliveries of connected audio devices in Q4 2020 // Gamesdone: Canalys

Suffice to say that the Californian firm crushes the competition with 25.2% of the market, far ahead of Samsung and the multiple brands of the Harman group (JBL, AKG, Harman Kardon, Lexicon, Revel, etc.) which total 8.9%, and Xiaomi with nevertheless 5.9% market share.

Deliveries of connected audio devices in 2020

Deliveries of connected audio devices in 2020 // Gamesdone: Canalys

Canalys analysts note that the market has benefited from strong demand due to situations around the world, from confinement to the spread of teleworking. This had the effect of lowering the prices of wireless headphones and accelerating their sales. However, the prices charged by Apple remain much higher than many players in the market.

For 2021, Canalys forecasts a 15.6% increase in sales to reach 500 million headphones and headsets sold.

The Apple Watch in force, but Xiaomi resists

In the market for bracelets and connected watches, Apple flew over the debates during the last quarter of 2020 with the releases of its Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE. The company shipped 14.5 million watches, nearly 5 million more over a year, but with two product lines for the first time. Xiaomi follows by far with 8.7 million Mi Smart Band bracelets in particular. Huawei and Honor are even further. Note that Fitbit, now owned by Google, is ahead of Samsung and its Galaxy Active Watch.

Deliveries of connected bracelets in the 4th quarter of 2020

Deliveries of connected bracelets in Q4 2020 // Gamesdone: Canalys

Over the year, Xiaomi keeps a short head thanks to the sale of its activity trackers launched upstream and at prices much more attractive than the competition (25 euros against 299 for the Watch SE). And to secure its first place in 2021, the Chinese brand will count on the success of its real connected watches, the Mi Watch with a round design like the Samsung watch and the more square Mi Watch Lite which is reminiscent of another model, to keep ahead;

Connected bracelets deliveries in 2020

Connected bracelets deliveries in 2020 // Gamesdone: Canalys

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