Wednesday, January 20

Apple condemned, 5G race launched and Android 11 at Samsung

Transalpine setbacks for Apple, SFR and Bouygues which are accelerating the deployment of 5G and Android 11 which is arriving on Samsung smartphones: if you haven’t followed all of the Tech news of the week, we will recap for you.

Apple sentenced for deception on sealing

It will not be enough for Apple to take the water, but it is a blow of rule to 10 million euros on the fingers which will make cringe on the side of Cupertino. The firm has been condemned by the Italian competition regulator for deceiving the waterproofing of its smartphones. He believes that the results put forward by Apple do not correspond to the reality of everyday life experienced by consumers. The authority criticizes it in particular for basing itself on results obtained under optimal laboratory conditions.

Covered cities, affordable package… The battle for 5G is on!

The launch of 5G in France is truly given. All week long, operators have been making their announcements, whether SFR to list the 120 municipalities covered by the end of the month or Bouygues and its 20 cities. The latter even announced its first 5G package without commitment or aggressive offers for its current customers.

Android 11 is coming to Samsung

The South Korean manufacturer has unveiled the provisional schedule for the deployment of Android 11 on its various smartphones. Some devices like the Galaxy S20 will be updated as of this month. About thirty others will have the right to it in the following months.

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