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Apple announcements, release of the Galaxy S21 and autonomy of the DualSense controller – the essentials of the news of the week


The end of 2020 is still just as intense in terms of technological news. The week of November 9 was notably marked by Apple’s “One More Thing” conference, during which a new ARM chip designed in-house was introduced. The Galaxy S21 has also been in the limelight, as its early release date would likely seek to hurt Huawei, while Sony, for its part, admitted that its DualSense controller has the same mixed battery life as its predecessor.

Apple introduces three new computers with M1 chip

It was the fixture of the week not to be missed for Apple fans and others. afficionados tech news. The apple-based firm presented during its “One More Thing” conference its very first ARM SoC designed in-house and dedicated to its Mac and MacBook computers: the Apple M1. A more powerful chip that has also been fitted to three new machines, namely the 2020 MacBook Air, Mac Mini (the brand’s very first small stationary PC) and the new generation 13-inch MacBook Pro.

At the same time, the latest version of the Mac OS – macOS 11 Big Sur – has come to the fore, alongside the first tests of the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the iPhone 12 Mini, which have passed. in the hands of the American press. In short, a busy week for the Cupertino company, which should now blow for the end of the 2020 vintage.

Galaxy S21 early release: Huawei in the finder

Until now, the Korean giant Samsung used to give us an appointment at the end of February, or even the beginning of March, to present its new flagships of the beginning of the year belonging to the Galaxy S range. But the 2021 vintage should depart from the rule. , since the leader of the smartphone market would take advantage of January this year to launch its offensive.

This timing would in fact be cleverly chosen by the leaders of the group, according to three sources quoted by the Reuters news agency. According to one of them, the stocks of Kirin chips that equip Huawei phones should be exhausted at the beginning of the year 2021. Consequences: the Chinese multinational would then lose market share, which Samsung would seek to recover by advancing its schedule .

Autonomy of the DualSense controller and PlayStation 5 test

While the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller is convincing on many points, a recent FAQ published by Sony should not reassure the community about the autonomy of the accessory in question. ” Under most conditions, the battery life should be similar to that of the DualShock 4», Indicated the group. Except that the latter was not known for its long endurance.

This week was the occasion to publish our full review of the PlayStation 5, which was also the subject of a video posted on our YouTube channel. Unboxing, design, installation, controller, interface, services, performance, audio and video, games, strengths, weaknesses: everything has been discussed about this new consolenext-gen.

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