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Anker launches its Liberty Air 2 Pro, more colorful AirPods Pro

Anker had his Liberty Air 2, he now has his Liberty Air 2 Pro. Launched in Europe at 130 euros, these wireless headphones combine 6 hours of battery life, induction charging and active noise reduction with a rather sober and colorful design. A good alternative to the market leaders?

Advertised at 130 euros in Europe, the Anker Liberty Air 2 Pro should offer good value for money

Advertised at 130 euros in Europe, the Anker Liberty Air 2 Pro should offer good value for money // Gamesdone: Anker

Through its Soundcore brand, the Chinese Anker regularly delivers good headphones to us at fair prices. The latest were announced at CES 2021. Called Liberty Air 2 Pro, they will complete the Liberty Air 2 for 130 euros, offered by us at around 100 euros.

To justify their higher price, the Air 2 Pro rely both on active noise reduction technology, but also on a battery life of 6 hours for the headphones (7 hours if the ANC is cut). The case will be able to count on 21 hours of autonomy (up to 26 hours without the ANC), and be recharged by induction “Qi”.

As specified Engadget, the new Anker earphones take on the rod design of their predecessors for the rest, with touch controls on each earpiece that can be customized from the companion app of the brand.

11mm drivers for crisp, clear sound

Anker also explains using 11mm drivers inside their new headphones to deliver sound “precise and clear at all frequencies“. We also learn that three modes are provided with active noise reduction. Each of these modes adjusts the frequencies to adapt the sound to different scenarios (transport, indoor and outdoor use).

There are also two transparency modes: a first for full transparency (you will hear the outside sound as if you had no headphones), and another allowing you to focus on the vocals while maintaining the attenuation. sound on outside noise. This double transparency is one of the specificities of the Liberty Air 2 Pro, which uses 6 microphones in all, especially for the ANC.

On the charging side, Anker promises that its case can recover two hours of listening in just 10 minutes of induction charging. Finally, we will note the presence of an IPX4 certification to protect the headphones from rain and sweat. The Liberty Air 2 Pro are already available in four colors: black, blue, gray and gold.

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