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Android Auto is now dressed in customizable wallpapers

The Android Auto application now allows you to customize the wallpaper by choosing from a selection of 15 themes.

Android Auto and CarPlay are becoming more and more popular, in particular thanks to their simple interfaces which remain the same regardless of the vehicle on which they are used. Although they are easy to use, they are somewhat minimalist, if not austere.

That of Android Auto was refreshed in 2019 with a more refined and modern design. However, it did not offer real possibilities for customization. In order to overcome this defect, the software now accommodates the possibility of using wallpapers.

A limited choice

Despite Google’s efforts to improve the user experience, it is not possible to choose the wallpaper of your choice. You will have to settle for a selection of 15 images, focused on the theme of travel and the automobile.

The new Android Auto wallpapers

The new Android Auto wallpapers // Gamesdone: 9to5Google

You will find textures like stitched leather and carbon, but also elements of the car like a grille. Other images represent landscapes inviting to travel – mountains, forests, etc.

Already available

The new wallpapers are already available from version of Android Auto 6.1. To activate them, all you have to do is go to the settings and click on “Select a wallpaper”.

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