Thursday, February 25

Android 12 should improve picture-in-picture mode for videos

According to the XDA Developers site, Android 12 should improve two interface overlay functions: picture-in-picture videos and chat bubbles.

In 2017, one of the new features presented by Google for version 8 of Android, then called Oreo, was the addition of a picture-in-picture mode. This allowed, for compatible applications, to display a video on top of other windows. One way to continue watching the footage while using another app.

This Monday, the site XDA Developers was able to get hold of the upcoming new features of Android 12, the future version of Google’s mobile system. In an article, the specialized site details in particular the novelties of the picture-in-picture mode. Among these, the next version of the mobile OS should notably allow better management of the size of the video window. A possibility already open with Android 11, which allowed to display a small or a large video window, but which should be simpler with Android 12: “You can pinch to resize, but also double tap to automatically return the window to its maximum size”.

In addition, according to the observations of XDA Developers, Android 12 could allow to hide the videos temporarily. By sliding the thumbnail to the side of the screen, the videos could be reduced as well. They could then be reopened by tapping on the small window.

Some modifications for chat bubbles

In addition, in addition to picture-in-picture videos, XDA Developers indicates that another interface element could be reviewed on Android 12: chat bubbles. Already introduced last year with Android 11, they allow all discussions to be grouped together, regardless of the messaging applications, in the form of circles superimposed on the rest of the interface.

On Android 12, Google should review the animations when opening or closing chats. In addition, bubbles from different discussions should now be aligned vertically and no longer horizontally. Finally, they could have a fixed position on the screen if the user wishes.

All these new features are expected with the next version of Android, Android 12. The presentation of the system is expected in the coming weeks. Last year, it was February 19 that Google released the first Developer Preview version of Android 11.

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