Friday, January 22

an OLED screen on the console and 4K on your TV a priori

A future Nintendo Switch should see the light of day. This would be equipped with an OLED screen and would also allow you to enjoy 4K content when used on its dock.

Nintendo is still preparing a new version of its Switch console. This future iteration would clearly have the intention of offering a more successful (and high-end) experience in terms of playing comfort.

Indeed, according to SciresM – a famous hacker -, the next Nintendo Switch in the pipes would have taken the code name “Aula” and would be based on the same SoC called “Mariko” from Nvidia that we found on the last revision. of the classic Nintendo Switch – and with a greatly increased autonomy compared to the base model.

From 4K?

“Aula” would also reserve nice things, including an OLED screen for enhanced contrast. Everything suggests that the display definition will also be improved. Can we expect 4K? Yes and no.

Indeed, in the firmware analyzed by SciressM, a Realtek chip is mentioned and presented as “4K UHD Multimedia”. The index therefore seems pretty self-explanatory, but it seems more likely that this high definition is reserved for parties on TV, when the Nintendo Switch is plugged into its dock.

The information around this new version of Nintendo Switch is still quite thin at the moment. The months to come in 2021 may bring us more to eat.

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