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an impressive borderless and portless smartphone concept

Xiaomi continues to want to show that they are at the forefront of research and development with the presentation of a concept curved on the four sides of the smartphone, completely borderless and without ports.

A concept shrouded in mysteries

A concept shrouded in mysteries // Gamesdone: Xiaomi

What is the future of the design of our smartphones? It is obviously this question that the Xiaomi teams wanted to answer with the presentation of this new concept. A few days after presenting a completely wireless and remote charging system, the firm wants to continue to demonstrate that it is at the forefront of research and development.

This time it is a concept of smartphone that it presents, whose particularity is to integrate a screen “quad curved waterfall”, that is to say a screen curved on the sides like what Samsung or Huawei had been able to. propose on their florets, but this time curved on all 4 edges at the same time.

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A completely wireless smartphone

Specifically, the edges are bent 88 degrees around the smartphone to really give the impression of a screen wrapping around the chassis. This is reminiscent of the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, whose screen went around the smartphone. Xiaomi explains that to achieve this design, the brand had to design a system to bend the glass at 800 ° C without breaking it with more than 10 complex processes to best adjust the screen.

Xiaomi announces that this design is protected by no less than 46 patents covering the technologies used for the design itself, but also to replace the important elements that are usually found on a chassis: buttons and ports. The manufacturer lists the integration of wireless charging to replace the USB-C port, an e-SIM chip to avoid having a SIM slot, a camera under the surface of the front screen, a built-in piezoelectric speaker as on the Mi Mix, and fully tactile buttons.

A simple concept?

For the moment, Xiaomi’s presentation article mentions a simple concept, which would therefore not be intended to be marketed. The boss of the firm, however, hinted that Xiaomi was considering launching a smartphone at more than 1300 euros, less than 24 hours before the announcement of this concept. Hard to believe in total coincidence. Especially when the company also announces a wireless charging system a few days before.

The most likely hypothesis is that Xiaomi is preparing to unveil a new Mi Mix, the design of which will be more or less close to this concept as a technological showcase.

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