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an electric return is confirmed in the form of a crossover

The first drawings from a patent show what the future electric Renault 4 could look like, which increasingly seems to be becoming a reality.

Renault wants to play the card of nostalgia and draw inspiration from its cars of yesteryear to bring them up to date … in a more modern format, that of electric. This was already the case with the Renault 5 Prototype introduced in mid-January 2021, a trendy resurrection of the old thermal R5 produced until 1984.

The tricolor firm intends to continue in this dynamic by applying this formula to a certain Renault 4. More commonly known as Renault 4L, this car made the heyday of the brand for about thirty years between 1961 and 1992. And as such , a retro-futuristic and electric comeback would be on the menu, according to the latest rumors.

Very evocative designs

Rumors that seem to be more and more confirmed over the months and in the light of new elements put online. This time we must turn to the Dutch media Autovision, who got his hands on designs from a Renault patent filed with the European Patent Office.

These renderings represent a car with aesthetic lines reminiscent of another. Without a doubt, the images published would correspond to the future concept car of the electric Renault 4. It is enough to look at its face to make the connection: a hood and a flat grille, itself composed of a kind of grille in reference to the 4L.

60 years after the debut of the Renault 4L, this future concept car would logically adopt a more contemporary design. Here, the manufacturer would opt for a crossover look with a high ride height, as the specialist site notes Argus. Also, the rear light signature would also represent a nice nod to that of the vintage 4L.

Not before 2025

According to information from Argus, Renault would like to strengthen the crossover and SUV segment and offer a heterogeneous range of products in terms of prices. Prices under 20,000 euros are even mentioned by the media, that the future R4 could proudly offer consumers.

In any case, patience will have to be shown, since this trendy automobile is not expected before 2025.

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