Tuesday, April 13

an annual subscription and a release date announced by Elon Musk

According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the subscription for his Autopilot will be both monthly and annual. A release date has also been mentioned.

It’s been eight months since we first heard about it, and the Tesla Autonomous Driving Features subscription – the famous Autopilot system – should finally be rolled out shortly. Last april, the American manufacturer already formalized the news, without dwelling on the calendar.

See you in early 2021

In September, a “subscribe” mention unearthed in the updated section of the Tesla app foreshadowed a deployment by the end of the 2020 vintage. Now Elon Musk himself has come out of his silence in granting himself yet another media release via his favorite social network, Twitter.

In this message, two important information hold our attention: the “release date”, although vague, will come in early 2021. This is the first time that the boss of Tesla is so precise. Elon Musk also responds to an Internet user curious to know if an annual Autopilot package will be available, because it is more suitable for long-term rental.

An annual package in the program

« AbsolutelyElon Musk retorted. The subscription in question should therefore be available in two formats: monthly and annual. The entrepreneur remains convinced, however, that the purchase of the Autopilot option (7,500 euros in France, 10,000 dollars in the USA) remains the best choice for the consumer, constituting a good investment in the future according to the updates to distance.

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