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an AI-boosted app that handles your paperwork for you

Deployed in the United States on an experimental basis, the Stack application relies on artificial intelligence to digitize and then classify your documents in dedicated categories.

An electricity bill, an expense report, a receipt, an administrative file: so many documents that you are likely to lose or to quickly classify in a binder, without being able to find it if necessary . It is from this observation that Christopher Pedregal embarked on the design of Stack.

Stack is an experimental application created from Google’s incubator, Area 120. Christopher Pedregal and his sidekick Mathew Cowan have collaborated with the Google DocAI teams, a solution that uses the machine learning to automate document processing. Because that is precisely what it is about.

Stack does it all for you

Stack’s goal is simple: to help you organize yourself by sorting out any document that is important to you. To do this, all you have to do is take a photo of a document with your smartphone device. Stack scans it, names it automatically, and suggests the right category to store it.

Then, the application analyzes and identifies the important information of the document – a due date, an amount -, so as to facilitate its search and access. The user then just has to type a keyword in the search bar for the application to lead him directly to the corresponding file.

Security and automatic storage

In terms of security, Stack gives you the opportunity to activate fingerprint unlocking or facial recognition to open the application. Thus, the smart ones wishing to browse through your personal documents will be faced with a layer of security that is normally dissuasive.

Automatically saving a copy of your documents on Google Drive is also possible. If Stack gets bored, then it is possible to retrieve your files from Google’s storage service and export them with just a few clicks.

Now hoping that the application will be deployed on a larger scale.

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