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Among Us is by far the most popular game of all time

Among Us quickly became a 2020 phenomenon. It’s actually the most popular game of all time with 500 million active players as of November.

Among Us game originally released in 2018

Among Us game originally released in 2018

2020 has been a very special year for video games. While the pandemic severely slowed the development of many titles, forcing teleworking to become the norm for many professions, video games also had a record year.

If we put aside the stratospheric sales of consoles, Nintendo Switch in mind, we can mention several games that have become real phenomena. There was the lockdown with Animal Crossing, then the summer with Fall Guys, and the year ends with betrayal between friends with Among Us.

Among Us

Among Us

InnerSloth’s 2018 game was recognized as Best Mobile Game of the Year and Best Multiplayer Game of the Year at the Game Awards. Remember that this is a board game based on the principle in some ways of the Wolves-Garous of Thiercelieux. In a group of 4 to 10 players, you play as either a “crewmate” who will have to perform tasks to, for example, repair a ship, or an “imposter” (impostor) who will have to very discreetly reduce to silence the crew. All the salt of the game lies in the meetings where all the players can debate and then vote to exclude a person, hoping to tip the votes for a player on the opposite side of course.

Nearly 500 million active players in November

While Among Us was released in 2018 accusing a failure, by the admission of its developers. The game eventually saw its success in the midst of the pandemic, when it was spotted first in South Korea and then around the world, by streamers. The game quickly became a phenomenon on Twitch, to the point of being streamed by congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez during the US election campaign to motivate voters to go to the polls.

But just how popular is Among Us really? We have a first element of answer with data from Superdata which assesses the revenues of dematerialized game platforms. In November 2020, Superdata notes that “Among Us had around half a billion monthly active users ».

An absolute record

With figure, Among Us can claim to be the most popular game of all time, far ahead of the same 350 million players registered on Fortnite (which are not necessarily all active). same Minecraft and its 600 million accounts (including 400 million in China) does not have as many monthly active players.

SuperData notes, however, that the Among Us game is not yet monetized enough to bring in as much profit as the two games mentioned above. Among Us is free on mobile, with advertising, and is priced at 3.99 euros on PC. The latter represents only 3% of the installed base of players, but represents 64% of the revenues generated. The game is also recently available on Nintendo Switch and Xbox Game Pass for PC. Its release on Xbox is scheduled for 2021.

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