Thursday, November 26

Amazon does not “want to deprive the French of Black Friday”

The health situation is special this year, but Amazon does not want this to have an impact on Black Friday. The online sales platform hopes to be able to continue its distribution as usual.

The health crisis linked to Covid-19 has started to rise again and the French government has been forced to reconfigure the country in order to break the chains of propagation and thus limit the risks of hospital congestion. As the Christmas holidays approach, the question of “ first need»Arises, especially in supermarkets which offer a jumble of food products and other leisure products.

Amazon in sight

While bookstores are closed and can only offerclick & collect, the debate on the products available for purchase is raging, with one argument always recurring: the death of small French businesses, while the American giant Amazon is taking full advantage.

Frédéric Duval, general manager of Amazon France, came to speak on the subject on BFMTV. He reminds us that Black Friday comes at the end of the month and that it is a time when “the French save money […] and prepare for Christmas», But also that online sales platforms have now become a means of survival for certain French entrepreneurs and suppliers who are deprived of certain distribution channels because of government decisions. Of course, it is needless to remember that Amazon is also a big winner in the business.

Towards a cancellation of Black Friday?

« Why not give up on this operation?“, Asks the journalist, putting in the balance”the closure of all these stores“. Frédéric Duval brushes aside this question with the back of the hand of a laconic “We’ll seeWhich casts doubt for some on Amazon’s intentions to give up Black Friday.

As a reminder, Amazon had started a pre-Black Friday campaign which was withdrawn at the request of the Minister for Industry Agnès Pannier-Runacher. Frédéric Duval is surprised, moreover, arguing that he cannot see “why would we deprive the French of this holiday of promotions ».

So there is no doubt that Amazon does not want “cancel black friday“. The “We’ll see”Of the head of Amazon France seems rather to mean that the platform could comply with the wishes of the French government if the latter were to ask not to communicate on the event. However, it seems difficult to prevent the many resellers on the platform, some of whom are based abroad, from taking advantage of this period to sell their stock.

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