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Amazon decides to sell off its Kindle e-readers for this new confinement


Reading is a hobby that is regaining a lot of interest in this new period of confinement. Amazon knows this and therefore offers its classic Kindle and Kindle Oasis e-readers at the lowest possible price.

Amazon Kindle is the direct competitor of Kobo by Fnac. The range offers very good quality e-readers, with the promise of offering real reading comfort for its users. There is something for every budget, but it’s even better when a promotion lowers the price of these products even more.

Offers at a glance

Note that you will be able to read thousands of books for free if you are already an Amazon Prime member!

Classic Kindle from 54.99 euros

The classic Kindle was renewed in 2019. It has a 6-inch e-ink screen without glare and now backlit for more comfort for evening reading, for example. The latter also displays a resolution of 167 dpi to give the illusion of the same quality as a page printed on paper.

This first-price e-reader offers many hours of reading with its battery that can last up to 4 weeks with the wireless connection deactivated and the brightness set to 13, at a rate of 30 minutes of reading per day. Amazon also specifies that the autonomy can obviously vary according to your daily use. Then count 4 good hours for the recharge completely.

We then find 4 GB of storage to store a beautiful collection of e-books, which can be downloaded directly over Wi-Fi from the Kindle catalog which offers nearly 5 million references. Some interesting features are also part of the game, for example with the “interactive vocabulary” function to automatically collect all the words searched for in the dictionary, or even adjust the font size to limit eye fatigue.

In short

  • The paper-quality e-ink screen
  • Very comfortable autonomy
  • Personalization options

The classic Kindle e-reader is currently available at two different prices: 54.99 euros with special offers (instead of 79.99) and 64.99 euros without special offers (instead of 89.99).

Kindle Oasis from 179.99 euros

8 /10

Amazon Kindle Oasis 2019

The 2019 Kindle Oasis is Amazon’s premium e-reader. It adopts a large 7-inch screen with a definition of 300 dpi for an even finer display than the previous model. It also has an anti-reflective coating for reading in direct sunlight, while being waterproof (IPX8 certification) if you read in your bathtub, for example.

It has wide borders around the screen, but it’s easier to hold it in your hand. It also accommodates two buttons to switch pages with the tip of your thumb, so you won’t need to use your second hand for this. You can even use it in landscape format if you want. Today is the only Kindle to offer this possibility!

This premium eReader offers many features to improve the user experience, such as the ability to adjust the screen temperature to warmer tones to limit blue light and promote sleep. This can be done automatically or by hand. The backlight is also more efficient than on other models in the Kindle range thanks to 25 LEDs, and its intensity can be automatically adjusted according to the ambient light.

Regarding autonomy, it can also last several weeks depending on your use. Finally, it has a storage capacity of 8 or 32 GB depending on the model chosen, enough to store a large collection of e-books to read wherever and whenever you want. There’s even a 4G model for downloading other books outside of your home, or without a Wi-Fi connection.

To find out more, read our full review of the Kindle Oasis.

In short

  • The 7-inch screen at 300 dpi
  • IPX8 certification and anti-reflective filter
  • The various functions to improve reading comfort

The Kindle Oasis e-reader is currently available at three different prices: 179.99 euros for the WI-Fi + 8 GB model (instead of 249.99; 209.99 euros for the Wi-Fi + 32 GB model (instead of 279.99) and 269.99 euros for the 4G + 32 GB model (was 339.99).

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