Tuesday, April 13

Amazon boosts its Fire TV devices

Amazon is boosting its game at the end of 2020. After unsheathing new products in the fall, here is the new, smoother and easier-to-use interface that accompanies them. And as a bonus: myCanal is also invited to the Fire TV environment.

The new Amazon Fire TV interface on the new HDMI Sticks

The new Amazon Fire TV interface on the new HDMI Sticks

Amazon does not want to be outdone in front of Apple, and its Apple TV box, or Google, which wants to make the revolution with its new look Chromecast which multiplies the services to attract users.

Promised with the new products in the fall, the Fire TV experience will finally benefit from the announced facelift. Amazon is gradually deploying its new environment “more intuitive, simpler, more personalized”On its Fire TV Stick 3rd generation and Fire TV Stick Lite HDMI dongles.

A cleaner and more fluid interface

The main menu has improved navigation to be smoother and more understandable when switching from available streaming services (Prime Video, Netflix, Apple TV, etc.) to programs to discover. The navigation bar is positioned much more in the center of the screen for better access to Home, the Library, the various profiles (which are now 6) or to search for its program.

The most popular content occupies the top of the screen with its trailers that go off. The bottom of the screen allows you to scroll through the thematically classified catalog.

The “Find” function allows you to search by genre (comedy, action, adventure, drama, etc.), by categories (direct, free, sport, etc.) and type of content (film, series, documentary, etc.). Also redesigned, the home page has a “Recommended” area to quickly access content that matches your profile or among the most popular at the moment. Applications are easier to find.

Alexa is also improving. Now it suffices to say “Alexa, go live” so that the relevant program guide is displayed. “Alexa, go to Find” will help you go directly to the movie you want. Voice navigation goes up a level to be much more useful.

myCanal available on all Fire TV devices

Among the other announcements made by Amazon, there is the arrival of a partner of choice: myCanal. If the deployment of the new interface initially concerns only the new Fire TV Stick models, the addition of the Canal + application is for all Amazon Fire TV devices (Cube, Stick / Lite / 4K and even compatible paired Echo devices). It will even be possible to launch myCanal with Alexa to access all the content offered by Canal + by simply saying “Alexa, open myCanal”.

The service of the encrypted channel is already available.

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