Thursday, January 20

Amazon Alexa is now accessible directly from your Xbox


The Alexa app for Xbox is coming to the Microsoft Store. It will allow your Xbox to take advantage of the main features of Amazon’s personal assistant … and in particular voice commands to launch games or turn on the console.

With the Alexa app for Xbox, Amazon's personal assistant comes to your console

With the Alexa app for Xbox, Amazon’s personal assistant arrives on your console // Gamesdone: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

Does the idea of ​​finding the main features of Alexa on your Xbox appeal to you? Good news, Amazon’s personal assistant is being deployed on the Microsoft Store through an application. From your console, you can use it to play music, manage your shopping lists, or even have a quick overview of your possible connected cameras. This application arrives on Xbox One and S / X Series while Alexa has already been able for more than two years to partially control Microsoft’s console.

A downside, however, as stated MSPowerUser, you will need an Amazon Echo speaker or another Alexa-enabled device to use the Alexa app for Xbox, and in particular to facilitate voice commands. Clearly, the Alexa app for Xbox does not turn your console into an Amazon Echo.

Alexa on your finger (by voice) and by eye directly from your Xbox

Several voice commands offered by Alexa are useful anyway. They allow, among other things, to launch a game (with the formula ” Alexa, lance Gears 5», For example), but also to turn on the Xbox, to launch the songs of an artist, to display quickly on the screen which appears at your door, but also to display the shopping lists.

As pointed outSlashGear, the more and more complete arrival of Alexa on Xbox was done in parallel with the practically complete disappearance of Cortana on Microsoft consoles. In large decline compared to its competitors, Cortana has gradually been refocused on Windows 10, with its sights set on features related to productivity, office automation, and even the business world.

Note that if Xboxes also support Google Assistant, the arrival of an Alexa application in their ecosystem allows the Amazon assistant (more and more present on PC) to take a small step ahead of that. from Google.


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