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always-on screen mode could happen thanks to an update


If the OnePlus Watch will not offer an always-on screen mode at its launch, the manufacturer plans to deploy this feature by software update.

The OnePlus Watch around the wrist

The OnePlus Watch around the wrist // Gamesdone: OnePlus

Last week, on the occasion of the launch of the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro, the Chinese manufacturer also presented its very first connected watch, the OnePlus Watch. If it offers interesting functions and a rather sober design – if not atypical -, a point has particularly frustrated Internet users.

Indeed, despite the presence of a 1.39-inch Amoled screen capable of turning off black pixels to conserve energy and improve contrast, the OnePlus Watch does not offer an always-on mode for the display. . In short, when the user turns on the screen, a dial is displayed, but when this is not the case, the watch is only a black disc attached to the wrist.

This absence may have disappointed some Internet users, as OnePlus itself recognizes on its own forum: “We have heard many users request the always-on screen mode”. However, OnePlus indicates that it did not offer this mode at the launch of its connected watch due to fears for battery life. The idea is however not completely ruled out and the feature could arrive in the future thanks to an OTA update:

We are currently looking at certain aspects such as the consequences on energy consumption and we are evaluating the possibility of offering this function in a future update. We are also curious to hear your opinion on the importance of an always-on mode, given the fact that it increases energy consumption by almost 50%.

A comfortable two-week autonomy

OnePlus already offers a good autonomy for its connected watch with two weeks of use promised. A 50% decrease in it would bring it back to one week, which remains well beyond the watches offered under WearOS or Apple Watch for example.

In addition to this question of the always-on screen, the Chinese manufacturer took the opportunity to answer other questions about its watch, indicating for example that with the GPS activated, the autonomy goes down to 25 hours, that it has 4 GB of storage – including 2 GB for music – or for replying to received messages using certain preprogrammed messages.


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