Wednesday, December 1

‘Always be kind’: Time Schafer talks Psychonauts 2 and mental health


Double Fine never intended for Psychonauts to make a statement on mental health. But, nevertheless, the action platformer is considered by many to be one of the more positive visual representations of mental health issues in gaming media. Whether it’s sweeping away your mental cobwebs, laying down your emotional baggage or simply getting into the head of someone who seems – on the surface – to be simply a ‘bad’ person, Psychonauts is the ultimate lesson in the importance of mental wellness and empathy.

That’s not to say Psychonauts hasn’t got its share of issues. But developer Double Fine doesn’t shy away from that. Instead, the studio has taken on an approach to do better. With the upcoming Psychonauts 2, Double Fine head Tim Schafer and the team seem to be leaning into making a firmer – and more thoughtful – mental health statement.


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