Sunday, October 25

All the premieres of the week on Netflix: The Curse of Bly Manor and Hubie’s Halloween

It seems that Netflix is ​​starting to think about Halloween and some of the releases this week are focused on that date. Do you want to know them? As with many festivities, some seem to start earlier each year and in the case of Halloween we find a good example. It is celebrated more and more in advance and since October 1 there are already activities related to it, and this week on Netflix we already see products that deal with horror themes or directly name it. The big premiere of the week on Netflix is ​​The Curse of Bly Manor, the horror series that returns us to the haunted houses and that continues one of the biggest successes that the platform had last year. But it is not the only novelty and we have a few series and movies that are very worthwhile. If you want to know what premieres on Netflix between October 5 and 11, here are all the series and movies with their release dates. Xiaomi’s most compact streaming player that connects directly to your TV’s HDMI port. It has a 100% natural Android TV experience and you can download streaming applications or games. How much with Bluetooth remote control and Google assistant. The curse of Bly Manor and other premiere series The curse of Hill House had a great success last year, so much so that its creator, Mike Flanagan, returns with another project in 2020 to bring us a series that maintains some concordances with it: The curse from Bly Manor. In this season he adapts the novel Another Turn of the Screw. It places the series in the 80s in England and tells us the story of a man who travels there to take care of his nephews, who are orphans. But the house is not a normal building and some presences and acts that happened previously are latent. Horror, suspense, riddles … We know what we’re up against in the series, right? The Curse of Bly Manor premieres on Netflix on October 9 Sign up for Disney + and enjoy one of the largest catalogs in the streaming scene, with sagas like Star Wars or Marvel. Other premiere series Hubie’s Halloween and other film premieres Adam Sandler already triumphed on Netflix months ago with the movie Diamonds in the Rough and now he is back with another comedy of his style: Hubie’s Halloween. The actor is the protagonist of this film located in the mythical city of Salem where he tries to save Halloween night despite all the setbacks he faces. With a comedy tone and more framed in family cinema, here we find a pleasant film that is very focused on the night at the end of the month. Hubie’s Halloween premieres on Netflix on October 7. HBO Spain is giving away 14 days of free subscription with no commitment of permanence to all its new users. You can cancel whenever you want or keep the subscription for only € 8.99 per month. Other Film Releases Crime Wave – October 5 McLaren: The Race of a Champion – October 7 Bigflo & Oli: Hip Hop Frenzy – October 8 Palermo Hollywood – October 8 Ginny marries Sunny – October 9 Super Monsters: Day of the Monsters – October 9 Rapper at 40 – October 9

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