Thursday, October 29

All HBO Releases of the Week: The Walking Dead and Charm City Kings

This week HBO offers new content to shelter from the cold at home. Comedies for the whole family or dramas that reflect the starkest reality. If you are looking for new titles to entertain you in front of television, these are the premieres with which HBO fills its catalog of series and films. On Thursday the 8th the news starts this week. There is content for all ages, one of the most anticipated releases is the tenth season of The Walking Dead, the zombie series that has gone around the world, creating a whole universe of unconditional fans. In movies, a drama also stands out, although if you are looking for something more cheerful, you can have a laugh with “Anything Goes On Campaign”, a very appropriate comedy now that the elections for the presidency of the United States are approaching. HBO Spain is giving away 14 days of free subscription with no commitment of permanence to all its new users. You can cancel whenever you want or keep the subscription for only € 8.99 per month. Primal and other series premiere The big premiere in the HBO series catalog is the tenth season of The Walking Dead. Due to the pandemic, this season has arrived somewhat late but it is here for all the followers of this apocalyptic story. It will come in two parts, the second we will have to wait for 2021. Even so, we want to highlight, another series that may go more unnoticed, but that deserves a chance. Genndy Tartakovksy is behind this adult animated series that addresses the friendship between a man and a dinosaur. Both have lost their respective families, feelings and survival instinct reflect a peculiar relationship, for which this series is worth watching. Series The Walking Dead: October 8 Primal: October 9 Charm City Kings and other films For the cinematic premieres we have the film Charm City Kings among other titles. This American film by Angel Manuel Soto reflects the access to gangs of the youngest. How they are drawn to power and belonging to a group only to later realize how difficult it is to escape from that world of violence and easy money. Movies Charm City Kings: October 8 Anything goes in the campaign: October 9 Dracula, the untold legend: October 9 Hotel for dogs: October 9 Mortadelo and Filemón against Jimmy the horny: October 9

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