Tuesday, April 13

all Google services down

Google services were affected on Monday by a massive outage affecting all of the products offered by the firm.

On Monday, most of Google’s services, be it the search engine, YouTube, Gmail, the Play Store or Google Drive, suffered a major outage.

It was indeed impossible to access these different services. Down Detector, which lists outage complaints for various web services, indicates a very high number of outages since Monday 1pm.

Other services like Discord are also affected. This could be the case for all services using Google’s cloud platform, and not the services specific to the Mountain View firm.

Causes still unknown

For the time being, Google has not communicated on the causes of this failure. On his site dedicated to the status of its various services, it’s very simple: all are displayed in red, symbol of an “interruption of service”.

For users of Android smartphones, it was all the more penalizing that the Play Store is also affected. It is therefore no longer possible to update its applications, nor to download them or enjoy in-app purchases.

The failure seems to have been corrected around 13:35, without knowing more about its causes.

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