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Against Epic Games, Apple seeks support from Valve who asked for nothing


As Epic Games’ main competitor in the PC game distribution market, Valve seems to have been sucked into the conflict between Apple and Epic for nearly six months. Through a subpoena, the Cupertino giant asked the publisher of Steam to provide it with an amount deemed “unreasonable” of documents and confidential data.

Apple cartoon on Fortnite

The Apple caricature with Fortnite sauce // Gamesdone: Epic Games

A total of six years of confidential data relating to Steam, including the precise amount of total annual sales of applications and products, annual advertising revenue, the name of each application present on Steam or the period of availability of these, as of same as their price and that of any in-app purchases. Here is in a few lines the imposing amount of documents and data that Apple has requested from Valve to support its case in the dispute between it since the summer of 2020 and Epic Games.

Apple’s goal is always to demonstrate to American justice that its practices are not anti-competitive and that the 30% commission imposed on sales made from the AppStore are justified.

As pointed out MacRumors, this information should initially relate to some 30,000 games available on Steam. A number reduced to 600 titles by Apple, which nevertheless claims an accumulation of financial information that Valve is not quite ready to spread to the four winds… despite a subpoena obtained by Apple.

Valve does not quite understand what it is doing in the lawsuit between Apple and Epic

We learn that since November 2020, representatives of Apple and Valve have met on several occasions. Meetings during which Valve refused to provide such a large amount of data to the Cupertino giant, even if the two groups are not direct competitors. Valve nevertheless agreed to provide Apple with certain documents, in a “reasonable measure», Such as Steam’s distribution contracts, its revenues and even certain data showed competition between Steam and the Epic Games Store in the PC game distribution market.

The Apple logo is centered on the back of the iPhone SE 2020

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Valve, however, refuses to be involved in the legal dispute between Apple and Epic Games. “Valve is not Epic, and Fortnite is not available on Steam (…)“Says Valve at the outset.”Without knowing why, in a conflict over mobile applications, a PC game maker that does not compete in the mobile market and that does not sell applications, is presented as a key figure [du litige]. This is not the caseValve responded to the courts, asking that the subpoena obtained by Apple be revoked.

Apple and Epic to face off in court in May

« The comprehensive and highly confidential information that Apple requires (…) does not demonstrate the size or parameters of the relevant market, and it would be very difficult to bring it togetherGabe Newell’s group added in their statement, politely hinting that they have other things to do.

As indicated Gamekult, Apple’s lawsuit against Epic Games will begin on May 3, after a pre-hearing conference scheduled for April 21.


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