Tuesday, October 27

Activision Blizzard inaugurates a Virtual Gamer Museum

The idea of ​​a Gamer’s Museum is interesting, and there are even quite a few in real life. This Activision Blizzard Virtual Museum is anything but conventional … Are video games an art? It is a concept that always raises a debate, because in the same way that many consider cinema, the Seventh Art, the evolution of videos, both at the level of artistic design and in the narrative and depth of their arguments, equals them more than never. Art or not, nobody disputes that they are popular culture, so it makes sense that Activision Blizzard has inaugurated this Virtual Gamer Museum. Activision Blizzard is one of the largest video game companies in the multiplayer gaming industry, with major franchises enjoyed by tens of millions of people, from Call of Duty to World of Warcraft, Diablo, Overwatch, and more. If you expect to find artistic expressions of their games in this Gamer Gallery, you are in for a surprise. It’s all much more philosophical and bizarre … As the introduction explains, Activision’s Gamer Museum is “an interactive exhibit that explores the six different segments that make up the diverse gaming community. By exploring motivations, identity, and behaviors of the players, this exhibition will challenge stereotypical perceptions of the players and show a more complete picture of the players’ audience. ” Apparently Activision Blizzard has surveyed players, identifying a series of behaviors, motivations and types of gamers that it reflects in this virtual gallery. As soon as two huge hands enter, they ask us a very direct question: “Are you a player?” Depending on the answer, you walk through different corridors of the gallery, but all of it can be freely explored. If the time has come to buy a gaming monitor and you don’t know what you should take into account, in this buying guide we will tell you which are the most important parameters to make your choice right. The content is not very extensive, a single room with 7 or 8 works of art inspired by gamers, but it is interesting. A narrator explains the meaning of each work, so that we make sense of it. You move by dragging with the mouse and tapping on the works, although we miss a version in virtual reality. If you want to visit this Activision Blizzard Gamer’s Museum, access it through its website. Admission is free…


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