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a worked design and a quadruple photo sensor for less than 250 euros

If TCL is relatively new to the smartphone market in France, the manufacturer has already shown its know-how in this area. At the moment, the new TCL 10L is offered with a refund offer of 30 euros. Here is everything you need to know about it.

Already recognized in France for its televisions, the TCL brand is now offering smartphones recently on our market. One of the newcomers is the TCL 10L, and it is already enjoying a reimbursement offer of 30 euros. The latter is mainly focused on media consumption with an advanced display engine as well as photo processing by artificial intelligence. But above all, sold at less than 250 euros, it offers excellent value for money.

A thoughtful and neat design

On a range of affordable prices, the TCL 10L stands out first of all by its design. The manufacturer TCL took the time to take care of him. We find a large 2.5D screen – slightly curved on the side edges – 6.53 inches. By occupying 91% of the front surface, this panel offers an immersive experience. Especially since it displays a Full HD + definition or 1080 x 2340 pixels and a resolution of 395 DPI. It allows you to read high quality content.

TCL also relies on discretion for the integration of the selfie camera. It is located in a pierced punch positioned at the top left. It is therefore possible to make the most of this large screen by watching a video in landscape mode. By the way, the device also has facial recognition technology called Face Key.

Rather than integrating the fingerprint sensor under the screen, the TCL 10 offers one on the back, under the photo unit. This has two advantages. First, this type of sensor works more regularly. And it also has the merit of falling naturally under the index.

The TCL 10L is available in two colors: Arctic White and Mariana Blue. On this point, the TCL 10L stands out again by offering a finish that offers beautiful play of colors to the reflection of light.

The TCL 10L focuses on multimedia uses

For less than 250 euros, TCL offers us a more than correct configuration with mid-range components. This is for example the case of the eight-core Snapdragon 665 chip designed by Qualcomm. It allows smooth use of the smartphone on a daily basis for common tasks, such as messaging, social networks, web browsing or even taking photos. The graphics part, provided by the Adreno 610 GPU as well as the 6 GB of RAM, will for its part offer the computing power necessary to run games, but not the most demanding.

But above all, the TCL 10L embeds its own image processing technology: the NXTVISION which already equips some of the brand’s televisions. NXTVISION is a set of algorithms capable of replicating HDR quality even on content broadcast in standard definition. The treatments are carried out in real time.

And to be able to make the most of the content viewed, the TCL 10L has Super Bluetooth. This technology allows four devices to be paired simultaneously via Bluetooth. Enough to connect four speakers or four headphones.

Four sensors supported by AI

On the photography side, the TCL 10L has a photo unit made up of no less than four sensors and two LED flashes. The manufacturer then intends to offer a set of versatile photographic tools. By the way, this block is positioned horizontally on the back of the smartphone, a wise choice since, placed on a table, the smartphone will not be wobbly.

Small peculiarity: on the left side edge, we find a dedicated button capable of launching the camera. A long press on it activates the Google Assistant.

The main module is 48 megapixels with an opening in f / 1.8. The ultra wide angle is 8 megapixels and offers a field of vision of 118 °. Two essential tools for playing with the composition of the image.

Finally, we find two other sensors of 2 megapixels each. The first allows you to calculate the depth of field. It is used in particular to optimize the portrait mode by adding a progressive blur effect in order to highlight the subject. With the second, it is possible to activate a macro mode. The manufacturer specifies that it is possible to capture subjects located at 3.7 cm while maintaining maximum sharpness.

On the video side, the device is able to shoot in 4K at 30 frames per second or in Full HD using ultra wide-angle. A slow motion mode is also part of the game with the possibility of filming in 1080 pixels at 120 frames per second and up to 240 frames per second in HD.

The front camera is 16 megapixel. TCL has implemented an oversampling technology to encapsulate 4 pixels within a superpixel. This not only provides more clarity in photos, but also more detail, while reducing noise.

In order to optimize the images, TCL applies its own artificial intelligence processing algorithms. These are part of the NXTVISION engine. The technology is able to optimize the contrasts and bring more brightness depending on the nature of the shot. It also optimizes the rendering of the digital zoom x10.

Already 30 euros discount on the TCL 10

Until January 3, TCL offers a refund offer of 30 euros on the TCL 10L. Thus, this makes it possible to lower its price to 219 euros, against 249 euros usually. However, it currently benefits from immediate discounts at Rue du Commerce and LDLC that can be combined with the ODR. At this price, it becomes a good accessible smartphone that will suit as many people as possible.

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