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A Volkswagen ID.3 in convertible version? The idea is gaining ground

Two Volkswagen group pundits have explicitly expressed the idea of ​​a Volkswagen ID.3 in a convertible version. The German group seems very attracted by the idea and could design a production vehicle.

Volkswagen ID.3

Gamesdone: Herbert Diess via Twitter

While the Volkswagen ID.3 had a very good end of the year 2020, the electric compact of the German manufacturer gives some more extravagant ideas to its leaders. The CEO of the brand, in the person of Ralf Brandstätter, has split a message LinkedIn to evoke an ID.3 without a roof, all accompanied by a photo.

“A very tempting idea”

« It could provide an entirely new and extraordinary feeling of freedom.», Begins the person, who seems very seduced by this project. “I’ll admit it: it’s a very tempting idea. We are still thinking about how to turn this enticing concept into a reality.He continues.

quiet, smooth, open: We‘re thinking about an e-convertible, maybe an # VWID3 convertible. What do you think?

– Herbert Diess (@Herbert_Diess) March 1, 2021

The design teams have already imagined a few first sketches in case the group gives the green light to start the development of the project. And proof that the German firm takes this concept very seriously, Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess took up the idea on Twitter.

Exit the rear doors

The person concerned in particular asked the opinion of Internet users about an ID.3 convertible. As such, the latter would abandon its rear doors for the occasion “in the name of better structural rigidity», Analyzes the specialized siteCoach.

The British media is also counting on 2023, the year of a probable restyling, to see this convertible ID.3 land.

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