Wednesday, January 20

a version optimized for Apple M1 chips deployed … then withdrawn

Google yesterday deployed an optimized version of Chrome for new Macs running Apple M1 processors. This version of the browser did not last long, victim of “unexpected crashes”.

An optimized version of Google Chrome for Apple M1 has appeared… before being withdrawn due to stability problems

An optimized version of Google Chrome for Apple M1 has appeared… before being withdrawn due to stability problems // Gamesdone: Google

If Google Chrome for Intel / x86 processors works on Macs equipped with Apple M1 chips, in particular thanks to the Rosetta 2 emulation tool, Google discreetly deployed at the beginning of the week a version of its browser optimized for the new processors designed by Apple for the Mac. Deployed automatically through a simple Google Chrome x86 update and spotted by users mentioned by 9to5Google, this optimized version of the browser was also available for manual download through an alternative installation option “Mac with chip Apple ”.

However, we learn from support for Google Chrome that this new version had to be withdrawn following what Google describes as ” unexpected crashes ».

Provisional back-pedaling exercise for Google

« Earlier today, we updated our Chrome download page to include a new version of Chrome optimized for new MacOS devices with an Apple processor. We discovered that the version of Chrome made available for download today may crash unexpectedly », Google explained in a blog post yesterday.

For users who have already migrated to the Apple M1 version of Chrome, Google describes a manipulation that is supposed to resolve the stability issues they encountered.

You have to go to the “System Preferences” of macOS, then go to the “Security and Confidentiality” category, and finally select the “Confidentiality” tab (at the top of the page). In the items displayed on the left side of the window, go to “Bluetooth”. All you have to do is click on the “+”, select Google Chrome, add it, and finally restart the browser for the changes to apply.

An update that concerned Chrome 87

Google explains that if this manipulation is not enough to stop crashes, a complete uninstall of Chrome for Apple M1 is recommended. You will then have to reinstall the classic Intel / x86 version of the browser. It is not known when Google will resume large-scale deployment of this version of Chrome optimized for new Macs.

As 9to5Google indicates, this update concerned only version 87 of the Google browser. On macOS, the latter modified among other things the round icon of Chrome to make it adopt the square format required for macOS 11 Big Sur, deployed last week.

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