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a van with solar panel and folding roof? Elon Musk talks about it …

Under discussion for years at Tesla, the electric van project is obviously not forgotten. Asked about the possibility of adding solar panels to certain vehicles, Elon Musk indicated that this lead would be relevant on a van.

What if Tesla launched an electric van with a solar panel?  The track is not excluded ...

What if Tesla launched an electric van with a solar panel? The track is not excluded… // Gamesdone: Electrek

New episode on the soap opera of Tesla and his hypothetical electric van. During an interview with Joe Rogan, Elon Musk indicated that such a vehicle would be the most suitable to take advantage of a solar panel “because you have a large flat surface ». « Cis actually where solar energy starts to make a little more sense», Explained the CEO of Tesla.

As recalled Electrek, the electric van project is nothing new at Tesla, it even regularly talks about it again. “I think Tesla will definitely make an electric van somedaySaid Elon Musk in January, before pointing out that the obstacle to their manufacture was mainly the power of current battery cells. By intelligently operating a solar panel, Elon Musk says the vehicle’s range could be extended.

A solar panel folding roof… to extend autonomy?

« You can also have a solar roof, and when the vehicle is stationary, its roof extends to the sides to provide shade. With a tripled area and a large flat area, you can start to have enough solar power to get something like 30 miles [48 km, NDLR] autonomy per dayAdded the businessman.

Musk goes even further by suggesting that a van with a solar panel could eventually do without thermal propulsion, but also dispense, at least over short distances, from the electricity grid. “I think that would be great. A van you could still drive even if the apocalypse is happening».

It must be said that if solar panels are still insufficient to supply an electric motor over the long term, technologies have evolved a lot in recent years in this area. Technical advances that push Elon Musk to gradually rethink his point of view. Skeptical at first, the leader of Tesla talks more and more about solar energy for his vehicles, to the point of declaring at the end of 2019 that the Cybertruck’s dumpster could optionally benefit from a retractable solar panel allowing it to ” store enough energy to cover just over 24 km extra each day.

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