Monday, November 30

A tax on audio devices discussed in the Assembly

LREM deputies propose to tax “equipment intended for listening to sound content” to participate in the financing of artistic creation.

Le Sony WH-1000XM4

The Sony WH-1000XM4 // Gamesdone: Frandroid

LREM deputies tabled an amendment to the 2020 Amending Finance Bill. This aims to tax “equipment intended for listening to sound content ».

1% tax on audio material

Spotted by NextINpact, this 1% tax on the sale price excluding tax would be “owed by companies, regardless of their place of establishment, marketing in France equipment intended for listening to sound content“. It would therefore affect speakers connected or not, turntables, headphones or even Hi-Fi systems.

The aim would be to “correct an anomaly, this sector benefiting from artistic creation without participating in its funding», And thus help the music and entertainment industry, impacted by the health crisis.

The amount of this tax is voluntarily “very low in order to minimize any risk of repercussion on the consumer“. Obviously, the risk 0 does not exist and there is no evidence today that such a tax would not be reflected at all in the selling price of its devices.

If this increase were to inflate the selling price of audio equipment, possibly upwards to obtain rounded prices, consumers would find themselves financing the music industry both when purchasing audio equipment, but also when purchasing audio equipment. ” purchase of devices with memory via the private copy fee.

Nothing is done yet

For the moment, this amendment proposal is still being discussed in the Assembly and has not yet been validated. It is therefore still possible that it is outright rejected, or even modified.

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