Wednesday, April 14

A supposed leak suggests the design of future Apple headphones

The Chinese site 52Audio has reportedly got its hands on a photo of Apple’s upcoming AirPods. They would feature shorter stems and an in-ear design.

For several months, various indiscretions have reported a presentation of new AirPods headphones for the second quarter of 2021. As the launch window draws closer, the Chinese site 52Audio claims to have got hold of “A real cliché” AirPods 3.

The photo shared this Saturday allows to discover the box of the future headphones as well as their supposed design. As some hallway noises suggested, the headphones should partly take the design of the AirPods Pro with much shorter stems than the classic AirPods. The case would also be in a larger than tall format, again taking up this design choice from the AirPods Pro.

We can also distinguish some black parts on the white headphones. It should be a vent to avoid the plug effect or an infrared sensor to detect when the headphones are worn or not.

The headphones are also expected to adopt an in-ear format and come with silicone tips, like the AirPods Pro. A choice that should provide better passive isolation than the first or second generation AirPods, without going as far as the active noise reduction of the Pro version.

A photo that corroborates previous information

Obviously, this information should still be taken with a grain of salt. There is no evidence that the headphones shared by 52Audio are truly AirPods 3. Nonetheless, the design shown in the photo seems reliable in that it follows previous rumors about Apple headphones.

In October 2020, the agency Bloomberg indicated that the third generation AirPods would have in-ear tips and shorter rods. A month later, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shared similar predictions.

However, it will be necessary to wait until the official announcement of Apple to learn more about the AirPods 3. According to Bloomberg and Ming-Chi Kuo, the presentation is expected in the second quarter of 2021, between April and June of this year.

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