Friday, March 5

a “Special Edition” model will soon be unveiled

A Xiaomi Mi 11 Special Edition signed by the founder of the brand was briefly mentioned during the presentation of the classic Mi 11 in Europe. This model will be available in very limited quantities.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Special Edition

Le Xiaomi Mi 11 Special Edition // Gamesdone : Xiaomi

That’s it, the highly anticipated Xiaomi Mi 11 has been officially announced for Europe and France. During the event, the Mi 11 Pro was not mentioned, the existence of this smartphone therefore remains unconfirmed. The brand has however taken the time to teaser another product: a Xiaomi Mi 11 Special Edition signed by Lei Jun, the founder of the company.

This part of the conference lasted only about 30 seconds, at most. However, it is enough to arouse curiosity. This Xiaomi Mi 11 Special Edition will arrive soon.

A very limited edition

The image Xiaomi has agreed to share simply allows you to admire the back of the device. We thus realize that the appearance of the photo module remains unchanged on this Mi 11 Special Edition. The glass surface is however streaked with vertical lines, while the classic model has a uniform design at this level. Towards the bottom of this back side, we also see the signature of Lei Jun.

Xiaomi wants to mark a big commercial coup with this product intended for its most loyal fans. Indeed, the Mi 11 Special Edition will be available “in very small quantity“. Everything is done to make it quite unique and therefore more desirable. It remains to be seen whether, apart from the design, the technical characteristics will also undergo some changes. Perhaps we can expect more RAM and storage on this copy and possibly some additional photo and video functions.

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