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a sound bar more compact than a PS5

LG has unveiled a very compact sound bar which nevertheless has great promises. It is indeed compatible Dolby Atmos but also DTS: X.

When looking for a compact sound bar, there isn’t a huge choice of options. We often quote the Sonos Beam, more compact than most soundbars, nevertheless it remains technically less advanced with the absence of Dolby Atmos or even DTS: X.

LG announced a surprisingly small and compact soundbar at CES 2021, and in addition it supports the main standards currently sought.

No Froyo, but Lightning

Its name speaks volumes: the LG QP5 Éclair is a compact sound bar with a 3.1.2 sound system and a speaker that emits the sound upwards against the ceiling. This allows it to be Dolby Atmos or DTS: X compatible to create a better sound environment than what your TV can provide.

At only 29.7 cm long and only 5 cm high, in addition to its compact size, this speaker also has a rounded shape. It incorporates two HDMI sockets, for input and output, as well as a USB port and an optical input.

This sound bar comes with a subwoofer for a total power of 320 W. There are five speakers in total, one functioning as a center speaker, the other two functioning as a left speaker. and right. The speakers are angled 45 degrees for a wide distribution angle. The other two speakers are useful for Dolby Atmos and DTS: X. It will therefore be necessary to avoid putting it in a piece of furniture, it would lose performance. s

For the moment, LG Electronics has not communicated its price or its availability date. During CES 2021, we were also able to discover the new LG OLED Evo TVs as well as the QNED Mini LED.

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