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a smarter and more innovative range unveiled

Nissan is updating its Leaf range with new finishes added to the various versions of the electric compact. Several smart features and other improvements are also invited to the party.

Nissan Leaf 2021

Nissan Leaf 2021 // Gamesdone: Nissan

The electric Nissan Leaf has been rolling on the asphalt in the main automotive markets for 10 years. With the result, more than 500,000 models marketed and a second generation introduced in 2017. For this 2021 vintage, the Japanese manufacturer is refining its offer and adjusting its range with several improvements.

Today, this trendy compact is available in two versions: the classic Leaf with 150 horsepower and 270 kilometers of range in the WLTP combined cycle, and the Leaf e + with 217 horsepower and 385 kilometers of range, launched a year ago. year and a half. In all, six finishes are available to consumers. The novelty being that the Leaf e + variant now sports the intermediate Acenta finish, sold for 40,300 euros.

Nissan Leaf 2021: what’s new in terms of equipment?

Nissan goes further and offers professionals, who represent ⅕ of its Leaf customers in France, a Business finish, again for the e + version. Price: 40,420 euros. Also, all the finishes of the automobile “see their standard equipment improvedCan we read on the official press release.

« The steering wheel is now adjustable in height and depth“, While a”intelligent blind spot detector and lane keeping system»Invite themselves to the party. The mobile application welcomes new features, such as remote locking / unlocking of the doors, remaining range and state of charge.

« Customers will also be able to receive an alert if the vehicle leaves an area or exceeds a preset speed», Adds the subsidiary of the Renault group. Note also the presence of a Wi-Fi hotspot, only accessible via a subscription. Nissan finally incorporates a digital interior mirror.

Deliveries early 2021

The brand explains how it works: “This has two positions: a traditional mirror-mirror and a screen mode. When screen mode is activated, it is then connected to a camera attached to the top of the rear window. All the driver has to do is operate a control located at the bottom of the mirror to instantly switch from one mode to the other“. This novelty is available as standard on the Tekna finish.

Clay gray makes its appearance on the range of colors available, and can be declined in clay gray biton / black roof. Orders for the Leaf 2021 are already open, with deliveries scheduled for early 2021.

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