Thursday, February 25

a QR Code generator is now integrated, and it is very practical

Google Chrome, and soon Microsoft Edge, includes a very practical function: a QR Code generator in a few clicks to share the link to a web page.

Web browsers continue to be enriched with very practical functions from version to version. Often inspired by popular extensions, these novelties generally simplify the work or the use of those browsers which are now at the center of the use of a PC or a smartphone.

The release of version 88 of Google Chrome is a very good illustration of this. The update introduces a handy QR Code generator.

How to create a QR Code with Google Chrome

If you have a machine running Chrome OS, macOS or Windows, the latest version of Google Chrome now allows you to easily generate a QR Code. The latter can then be scanned by a smartphone, for example, to access the web page that has been shared. It’s very useful.

To use it, nothing could be simpler, just click on the address bar to display the QR Code icon, or right-click on the page and choose “create a QR Code for this page”.

A QR code generated by Google Chrome

A QR code generated by Google Chrome

Once it’s done, Chrome displays the QR code that you just need to scan, or offers you to download the image which can then be shared on another service like Discord.

Coming soon to Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has been using the same Chromium database as Google Chrome for over a year and many functions are therefore shared between the two browsers. The QR code generator will be part of it since the recent Canary Edge 90 version also incorporates this novelty. It will still be a little patient to see it arrive in a stable version on the Edge side.

The QR Code generator on Microsoft Edge

The QR Code generator on Microsoft Edge

The operation is exactly the same on Edge, but the generated QR code no longer uses the famous “dino” of Google Chrome.

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