Sunday, May 16

a new rendering shows a mystery sensor

OnLeaks delivers an updated rendering of the rear camera of the future Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (or S30 Ultra) allowing a better overview of this imposing module.

It’s been a few weeks since the Samsung Galaxy S21 (or Galaxy S30) series has already been the subject of some indiscretions. However, here is that the most high-end model of the three smartphones expected in this range, the Galaxy S21 Ultra, is being talked about again through a new publication of the leaker OnLeaks sur sa page Voice.

Already at the origin of the first credible images of the smartphones of the South Korean giant, the leaker in question adds a layer by focusing in particular on the rear photo module. He thus publishes a zoomed-in view of this part of the Galaxy S21 Ultra, specifying that it is an updated rendering with the latest information in his possession.

A mystery sensor

There are thus five openings in the photo block of the phone. Some might interpret this as proof of five real photo sensors. However, according to OnLeaks, the most credible theory is that the Galaxy S21 Ultra actually has four traditional photo sensors in addition to a fifth sensor, the function of which is not yet known.

On this new rendering, the LED flash is repositioned. However, the image corroborates the particular design towards which Samsung would lean, namely: a photo module whose side wraps along the edge of the phone.

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