Wednesday, June 23

a new remote wireless charging technology

Oppo will present in detail in a few days a new charging technology without cables or bases, completely remote.

The smartphone charges, without any cables

The smartphone charges, without any cables

Xiaomi seems to have caught everyone by surprise with the presentation of Xiaomi Mi Air Charge, a completely wireless home charging solution without a charging base. Since then, Motorola has announced that it is working on a similar solution, and today it is the turn of the manufacturer Oppo to follow this new trend.

Obviously this does not mean that Oppo and Motorola waited for Xiaomi to start working on remote charging, but Xiaomi drew its presentation well first. Oppo’s promise is weaker than Xiaomi’s, but perhaps more credible.

A presentation at MWC 2021

Oppo today announced that the brand will showcase the next evolution of smartphone charging at MWC 2021. Called Wireless Air Charging, it promises from the video to charge a smartphone wirelessly, and without it being placed on a base.

At #MWC21 this year we’re showcasing the next evolution in charging ⚡

Presenting Wireless Air Charging – no cable, no charging stand, just freedom to move! #OPPOxMWC21

– OPPO (@oppo) February 23, 2021

The video shows an Oppo X 2021, the brand’s stretch smartphone, resting on what appears to be a charging base. A person takes the smartphone in hand, and the device continues to charge. Unlike Xiaomi, Oppo doesn’t seem to promise room-scale remote charging. The manufacturer seems rather to seek to offer to continue charging the product if it remains near a base, an office for example.

A compromise that seems more credible and realistic to us than the announcement of Xiaomi, certainly very impressive, but whose mainstream integration seems difficult to believe.

The Shanghai MWC 2021 will take place from February 23 to 25, 2021. The Barcelona MWC, where this kind of presentation usually takes place, has been postponed to June. Given the timing used by Oppo here, we imagine that the presentation concerns the Shanghai MWC.

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