Tuesday, April 20

a new remote control makes its appearance

In the new beta of tvOS 14.5, there are reports of support for a new remote control for Apple TV in the near future. But it would not be for the arrival of a new multimedia box.

Beta versions of operating systems are often rich in information in the longer term than one might think. In beta 6 of tvOS 14.5, curious developers and journalists have discovered the trace of a new remote control for Apple TV.

It is first of all Steve Moser, contributor of MacRumors, which uncovered in the lines of code a mention in the configuration part asking to “Press the central button or the touch surface to continue”. Since the new design of the Apple TV and then the Apple TV 4K, the Apple Remote has also been redesigned and the Siri Remote no longer has the center button on the 2nd and 3rd generation models.

More evidence of a new Apple TV remote in tvOS 15.4 beta 6? During setup it asks the user to “Press the center button or the touch surface to continue.” There is no center button on the current Apple TV Siri Remote… pic.twitter.com/sE0H9njpZl

— Steve Moser (@SteveMoser) March 31, 2021

In addition, this new remote control would benefit from a Guide button with various functions, which is quite new. A new data which therefore suggests the arrival of a new remote control and, possibly, of a new 6th generation Apple TV box whispered for many months, one can imagine. But according to the information on the site 9to5Mac, it would be a remote control designed in partnership with cable operators, better explaining the presence of a Guide button.

An Apple Remote for distributors

The site explains that it will be distributed by Universal Electronics and even found the image of a remote control for Apple TV with a design never before seen in beta 6.

There is a global makeover of the remote control that moves away from the current Siri Remote. It has an On / Off button at the top right, a central navigation wheel reminiscent of that of the first Apple remote control, a Mute button or the famous Guide button. It is also interesting to note the presence of an AirPlay button to stream content or activate the remote control on this content broadcast from an Apple device.

This remote control could thus allow rapid access to Apple TV content from cable or satellite operators and distributors.

From its appearance, we can assume that this remote control will be much larger than that of the Apple TV. A design far too large to go with a possible new case which should not be revolutionary on the other hand in its new dimensions. And when we know the concern for design at Apple, it is hardly conceivable that such a large remote control could protrude so much from the box when placed on it.

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