Tuesday, January 26

a new mandatory increase for small RED packages

The Red By SFR brand is now used to price increases. This time it concerns small packages which increase by 3 euros from this next month of January.

The Red by SFR brand, which concerns packages without commitments and often in promotions from the operator in the red square, has made itself known by launching “lifetime” packages. If she has since returned to this marketing term, it obviously suggested that the price would remain the same for the duration of the subscription. In reality, it was mainly a way to indicate that the package was not necessarily going to increase suddenly after 12 months unlike most promotional offers in the sector. The operator now uses the phrase ” without price which doubles the following year ».

And for good reason, Red by SFR has since become known for its successive price increases on many of its packages. We regularly mediate these increases, and it is precisely a new price increase that will soon affect many subscribers. As such, the UFC Que Choisir had pinned the operator at the start of 2020.

An increase of 3 euros per month

Red by SFR has therefore announced a new bill increase of 3 euros per month for most of its small packages. It will be effective from January and there is no way to refuse this price increase. Thus the 30 GB package at 10 euros per month increases to 13 euros per month, but this is accompanied by an increase in the volume of data, from 30 to 50 GB. 30 GB subscribers who had benefited from a promotion to 5 euros per month, increase to 40 GB and 8 euros per month.

The increase being mandatory, we recommend that you instead look to our comparator of the best promotional offers on the market. If you want to take the opportunity to switch to 5G, note that we now have a comparator dedicated to this new generation.

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