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a new connected electric bike signed Intersport

Intersport unveils a new electric bike launched under its Nakamura brand. The E-Summit SUV, of its name, carries with it Bluetooth connectivity to connect to a dedicated mobile application.

Nakamura E-Summit SUV

The new Nakamura E-Summit SUV // Gamesdone: Intersport

The Swiss brand Intersport is not new in the field of electric bikes. Under its Nakamura brand, the company already sells a dozen trendy two-wheelers ranging between 700 and 1,800 euros. To this catalog is added a brand new model by the name of E-Summit SUV.

The latter is indeed a new product and not a V2, as the Dropbox URL of the press release sent to the editorial staff falsely suggests. Reached by phone, Michel Phaff, in charge of the Bike Manager pole, confirmed this information to us. Not without revealing other technical elements of the model.

Cadre sloping

The E-Summit SUV benefits, for example, from a force sensor and four levels of electric assistance. These appear in particular on a color TFT screen developed by the Swiss group’s design office. Regarding autonomy, Intersport avoids communicating a specific number of kilometers.

Nakamura E-Summit SUV

The handlebars of the Nakamura E-Summit SUV // Gamesdone: Intersport

The company indeed prefers that each one makes his opinion, since a radius of action depends on the uneven borrowed, the level of assistance and the atmospheric conditions (a strong wind, for example), wishes to specify Mr. Phaff. The latter still gave us a range of 80 to 100 kilometers, to be taken with a grain of salt.

Designed and assembled in France, at the Manufacture Française du Cycle in Loire-Atlantique (44), the E-Summit SUV “ combines the skills of an urban bike and a mountain bike», Assures the company. The bike takes advantage of a framesloping, or a gap between the diamond frame and the open frame: the upper tube is not placed horizontally, but diagonally.

It weighs on the scales

This allows you to get on your bike with a bit more ease, but not as easily as with a fully open frame. The frame, in fact, was made of aluminum. It is supported by 27.5-inch wheels and double-walled rims which provide better rigidity. The whole thing is accompanied by hydraulic disc brakes.

Nakamura E-Summit SUV

The luggage rack of the Nakamura E-Summit SUV // Gamesdone: Intersport

In terms of comfort, the cycle benefits from a 130 mm suspension fork and a seat post with suspension. Add to this paraphernalia LED lights and a luggage rack capable of supporting up to 40 kilos. The battery capacity reaches 460 Wh, while the engine torque is close to 80 Nm. Its weight of 25.1 kilos could however make more than one tick.

Nakamura E-Summit SUV: price and availability

Finally, the bike benefits from Bluetooth connectivity to connect to your smartphone and the Naka E-Power application. The latter will indicate to you in particular the remaining autonomy, the average consumption or the monitoring of your activity (average speed, positive elevation, instantaneous power).

The Nakamura E-Summit SUV is already available on the official Intersport website in sizes S, M and L, at a suggested price of 1799.99 euros and in brown. To reduce the cost, purchasing aid is available depending on your city, department or region.

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